Hamish Grant

Nigel Shaw

Teresa Orme-Smith

Nick Hutchinson

Johnny Onslow

Board of management and Trustees – from left to right: Sally Mbeche (lawyer), Brother Francis Njoroge, Johnny Onslow, Daniel Gatumu (Lawyer), Edward Munge (retired Principal), Hamish Grant, Alan Bell, Dr Pamela Tsimbiri.
Hamish Grant, Reverend. Lyndon Bowring, Alan Bell.
Nigel Shaw, Lawyer VGT




Anna Louise Thrupp

Lucinda Bolton-Carter

Karen Robertson-Macleod

Sarah Darling

Lauren Sundercombe

From left to right: Sarah Darling, Lauren Sundercombe, Lucinda Bolton-Carter, Karen Barclay, Anna Louise Thrupp




Susan Nelson

     Hermione Gluck

Mary Asphar

Mary Asphar and Hermione Gluck
Johnny Onslow, Sue Nelson, Hamish Grant

Australia committee:

Kim Taylor

Libby Prell

Jess Kingsford

Nicola Darling

Richard Kingsford

Judith Fianders

Bruce Gibson

Stephen Porges

Version 2
Kim Taylor
L Prell
Libby Prell
J Kingsford
Jess Kingsford
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Nicola Darling
R Kingsford
Richard Kingsford
J Fiander
Judith Fiander
S Porges
Stephen Porges
B Gibson
Bruce Gibson

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