“Literacy is the fertilizer needed for development and democracy to take root and grow.”

David Archer


Gogar Primary School formerly consisted of eight rundown classrooms, a few desks and squalid latrines, now boasts clean and well-equipped classrooms, rainwater storage and enjoys ever increasing numbers of children.

As a consequence of improved facilities at the Vanessa Grant School for children with special needs, it soon became apparent that facilities at the local primary school were in a poor state by comparison. It was then decided that the VGT should become involved in the task of upgrading and enhancing facilities at Gogar Primary School. Since that time, the primary school has been transformed through the generous support of Cheltenham College in the UK and King’s Edgehill School in Nova Scotia and thanks also to  the efforts of countless willing volunteers and donors.

Our most recent goal for Gogar Primary is to establish a computer room that will allow children to acquire invaluable IT skills. The school will also be able to offer IT courses to the broader community, thus providing opportunities for community members to also acquire such skills, as well as providing an additional source of income for the VGT. This and other such amibitions are made possible thanks to the generous support of organisations such as Cheltenham College and Brambletye School as well as individual donors.

“The children were amazing and they were a real joy to teach. So many confused and eager faces staring back at you, ready to learn! The teachers at both VGS and Gogar primary gave me the warmest welcome and helped me whenever possible”

Tamara Nordman,  volunteer teacher 2011